A beautiful pendant which can be made entirely by post with our fantastic paw kits or alternatively you can book into the studio to see our full casting range. 


When you place an order we will send you a a specialist print kit to take an impression of your two pets paw. Inside the kit is a free return postage slip to safely and easily return your prints to the studio. The print will then carefully be miniaturised to keep the detail and made into your chocies of precious metal & your choice of chain length. The back of the pendants can be engraved with an Initial.


The pendant will be posted back to you gift wrapped and ready to gift and all of our gold jewellery is fully hallmarked.


Pendant measures 12 - 13mm in length.

-Two Silver Pendants are supplied on a silver chain

-Silver and Gold pendant supplied on a gold chain

-Two Gold pendants are supplied on a gold chain

Two Miniature Paw Pendant necklace