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pregnancy casting with angelcasts in manchester and london. Beautiful bronze casts available.


Fibreglass Buddha Chess Piece sculpture by Angelcasts


Bronze pregnancy Casting Sculpture Manchester & London body casting studio





We offer 3 main materials for all of our sculptures and castings. Below we describe the pros and cons, how the materials are finished and their suitability for a casting. All of our materials are incredibly strong and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Expertly detailed and stylised to suit your design. We can't always show everything possible with each material online due to the privacy of our clients, however we have an extensive range of samples at the studio for you to view.

We are also in the process of updating our Fibreglass colour range due to a change in finishing. More images of the new colour ranges will be coming soon.


This material is particularly strong and lightweight, if dropped, it will bounce and it's colour is topically applied with our specialist Chrome finishes or by airbrush in neutral white or if requested specific colour. We can do bespoke colours on request or add gold, silver or copper leaf to add decorative elements to your casting. The new Chrome range offers better UV protection and is perfect for a mirror shine without the cost of going for pure metal. A lightweight, shiny casting in an array of colours. Easy to maintain and wipe clean. 

Cold Cast Metal:

An incredible material for imitating metal with a reduced cost of our foundry bronze castings. This stunning material is a combination of real metals with fibreglass. By combining metal particles of brass, bronze, aluminium, iron or copper, the castings feel and look like real metal with a lovely weight to them. Our wall hung castings have a reduced weight for safety and a metal layer over the top of the fibreglass. Because the colour comes from the metals within the casting. This means they can be handled much more without fear of affecting the surface. These pieces can also be aged to look like ancient sculptures or polished for a modern and contemporary look.