We can only offer our 3D Casting service in Manchester currently and pending any local lock down restrictions. However if you are unable to make it to the studio we can send you some of our specialist mould kits to make fantastic impressions which we can then courier back to us and post you back your designed keepsake. Full prices of design are listed below or you can use a kit and then this cost will be deducted off the final product.

Framed Pet Nose Mould Kit

Framed Pet Nose Mould Kit

Holding Paw Cast

Plaster £270

Cold Cast Metal £680

Foundry Bronze £4000

Our easy to use print kits are dispatched daily on our social distant walks with pre-paid postage to ensure you a quick but safe service. The kits are packaged with gloves & are very easy to use to take perfect nose prints or paw prints. Inside the kit is a return slip so you can simply return the prints by popping the package back into any post box near you.

Once we receive your prints you can have your keepsake designed as chosen in either listing or we can have a virtual appointment to design something bespoke for you. As we have other framing options in the studio & colour choices.



Paw Print Framed Keepsake

Paw Print Framed Keepsake

Foundry Bronze Deep Impression

This beautiful solid highly polished Foundry Bronze memorial block can also be made by Post. Prices vary from £1200-£2000 depending on the size of the paw & final copy.

We can send you a special kit to take a beautiful deep impression which can then be sent back to us. We will then re-sculpt this into your chosen style of a square block, large or small, a circular or oval shape. The Bronze can be highly polished or aged.


If you would like to know more please email us at



Framed Pet Casts

Plaster 1 paw £130 / 2 paws £230

Cold Cast Metal 1 paw £300 / 2 paws £480 



Cold Cast Metal 1 paw £270 / 2 paws £450

Foundry Bronze 1 paw £800 / 2 paws £1500

Pet Memorial Casting

3D Portrait and both paws

Plaster £550

Cold Cast Metal £1500

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