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View Studio Layout PDF - Currently being updated wih new workshop & pop up details
  • How long till I receive my Jewellery?
    Jewellery takes between 3 - 6 weeks to create pending on the design. If the piece requires hallmarking or casting in gold, these tend to take a little longer. If you need your jewellery for a specific date, please let us know when you order and we will try our best into make for your special occasion or an additional fee maybe required to expedite the process in very short time frames. All jewellery comes beautifully presented and gift wrapped.
  • When will I receive my castings?
    Small to medium castings take between 8 - 12 weeks to create Larger scale sculptures of metal castings can take between 9 - 15 weeks to create and deliver
  • How long are moulds kept for?
    All fingerprint & pet print moulds can be reused and are kept on file safely at the studio and can be stored for many years. Or we can return these to you for a set fee and with a beautiful storage box to keep your moulds and prints safe. Any casting moulds are made to be used once and then recycled. We only keep memorial moulds as part of our memory bank service unless otherwise requested. However if you wish to store or discuss a mould to have multiple runs for family members over the year, we can happily discuss an appropriate mould design to store at the studio for you.
  • Do you do home visits?
    For central Manchester & central London we offer free home visits and deliveries. otherwise we charge £30 for a home visit locally or £55+ for further afield, however it may be more if we have to travel much further, but we can provide a price upon receiving your postcode. We also have emergency call out slots which we keep each week for emergency memorial castings and try our best to keep some studio time flexible to help you not to miss a moment. Please call Ami on 07402882542 if your request is urgent and email as we cannot always answer the phone when in the studio. We can travel as far as Wales, Scotland and Southern England.
  • I have prints or casts already can you use these?
    Yes, absolutely. We can use existing fingerprints, handprints, ink paw prints etc and transfer to your jewellery design for you. Simply check out with your chosen jewellery and email us at with your order number. Or alternatively, if you have a casting, we can miniaturise this for you, restore and transfer into a stronger material or advise you on how best to save your moment.
  • I am part of a TV Show or fashion shoot and I need a Life Casting ASAP
    Please visit the TV and Media Booking page to view our guidelines and information about quick turn around castings. But in brief: - we can turnaround raw plaster castings in as little as a few hours - you are welcome to film in the workshop - expedition fees will apply for quick turn overs - we are happy to sign an NDA where necessary - we can come out to you or a chosen location for a casting You can contact us at or call Ami on 07402882542
  • Are you comfortable with Filming?
    Yes, Ami has been filmed regularly in the past for E4, channel 4 and much more and is comfortable being filmed. The manchester workshop studio is 8 x 5m meters and there is plenty of room and light to film any casting or alternatively, Ami can come to you.
  • What Size is the Studio and is it Accessible?
    Our main Manchester workshop and studio is accessible and is 5m x 8m. We have access to disabled toilets and a free car park. Unfortunately our pop up spaces are not accessible.
  • What do I need to expect from a casting session?
    The casting process is fun and is split into two stages. The first stage after discussion of the appropriate pose etc, is the gooey detail stage. This is something everyone enjoys capturing on camera and filming. However there is a tight window of a few minutes before the next stage will need to happen to bond to that layer. If you wish to get up close and film this stage, let Ami know and she will accomodate that within the casting process. The second stage is creating a hard shell which is very lumpy and bumpy and not so pretty, but fun all the same. This is then carefully removed from the model and the inside of the mould can be viewed and filmed prior to filling the mould and turning around in a few hours time if required. Ami will provide a modesty covering for the client over the areas that aren't being cast and positioning can be arranged to maximise the comfort for the client being filmed.
  • Is there parking?
    Manchester Workshop: yes there is a free car park on site or the nearest tram is a 10min walk called Westwood Pop Up Manchester studio: yes there is a car park, just over the road and it costs £2 for 2 hours or the nearest tram is Shudehill. Pop Up London Studio: yes there is free off street parking Manchester Office: yes there is free off street parking and a free to sue car park opposite.
  • Plaster Pros and Cons
    Plaster is the quickest material to turn around and small plaster castings such as breasts, genitals, bottoms etc can be turned around in a few hours. However these castings will still be damp and very heavy and cannot be painted. These castings once used for TV and Filming purposes must be left to dry for between 8-12 weeks before painting. Plaster is also very fragile, great care will be required when handling these castings. Because of this we do not use plaster for any castings except in TV, media and fashion enquiries that require a quick turn around.
  • Fibreglass Pros and Cons
    Fibreglass is incredibly strong and lightweight and variety of expert finishes can be applied to this material. This material is often chosen for it's strength and lightweight properties where people are concerned about size and weight. Our fibreglass body castings are finished in either a neutral white or black with optional gold leaf applied. Or we offer a specialist CHROME range of finishes. These highly specialist finishes are better UV resistant and can provide a mirror polish finish without the need for pure metals. Available in Rose Gold, Silver Chrome, Gold and Copper. These are also easy to wipe clean.
  • Cold Cast Metal
    By far the most luxurious of the casting materials aside from Foundry Bronze. These casts are coated with a metal layer which gives them a realistic metal finish and feel cold to the touch. Because the colour comes from the metal content within the resin and fibreglass, these casting can be handled much more without affecting the surface or the colour. These are often chosen for memorial castings or figurative sculptures if foundry metals are too expensive. These castings however do take longer to create due to the amount of extra polishing of the metals in the casting. Delivery of these is usually between 8 - 12 weeks however if the piece is large it could be longer. We can turn pieces around quicker however this can be between 2 - 4 weeks and will be charged extra.
  • Foundry Bronze Pros and Cons
    Foundry bronze is the strongest and most luxurious material. However it is also the most expensive. Many patinas can be applied to colour the bronze ranging from blues, reds, burnt oranges, browns and blacks to turquoise. Bronze can also be polished to a mirror shine, however this does require an extra charge.
  • What services do you offer?
    We offer a variety of services for individuals, companies and artists. Please see below: - Mould making services - Life casting children and babies or body casting for adults over 18 - Casting services: fibreglass casting, cold casting, foundry bronze casting - Print taking: fingerprints, handprints, paw prints, footprints - Restoration services: restoring plaster castings, transforming plaster bandage pregnancy castings to new pieces, fixing sculptures and castings
  • Manchester Workshop
    Our main workshop is at 1853 studios. This is an old converted mill with stunning views of Manchester and Greater Manchester. This is a fully working studio with lots of examples to see of previous work or ongoing projects. We do offer several pop up places for easier access from the city, however there won't be as many examples to see and will be a warm and homely location to facilitate your casting.
  • London Pop Up Studio
    This studio is open and available via appointment only. This is a pop up studio available for urgent enquires or every 2 - 4 weeks for bookings.
  • Manchester Pop Ups
    We understand that our main workshop is now quite far out of manchester for our usual clients. So we have closer to the city centre available pop ups to take castings in a homely warm, modern environment to ensure you get the best casting. We will have material samples for you to view during the appointment and will guide you with the design. For a fuller view of seeing past sculptures or current work, we recommend booking at our manchester workshop.
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