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memorial hand casting manchester wales liverpool and greater manchester


Loosing a loved one is always a difficult time and we aim to work with you to capture the moment to make a perfect 3D Casting to touch, hold and remember the one you love. We also take free fingerprints with any of our hand casting bookings.


Because we know how much there is to decide and organise during this time, if you are unsure of how you want the final hand cast to be we offer a memory banking service. This is where we take a casting of the hand of a loved one which can then have a permanent mould made of the hand. This means your moment is stored and then you can come to the studio at a later date and choose to see the samples of the available metals for the final hand cast. With this service we can design with you a specialist casting where you and loved ones can hold the hand cast to make a more stylised sculptural piece, add the hands of children or family members can have copies of the same hand.

Time and Delivery:

Cold Cast Metal Castings take 9 - 12 weeks.

Foundry Bronze Castings take 12 - 16 weeks

Delivery is free within Manchester & Greater Manchester areas. Otherwise a small fee may apply to cover the cost of transport to your postcode.

We also offer payment plans with flexible payments and no extra charges. Casts are delivered once the final payment has been made.

Angelcasts Manchester Memorial Call out Emergency

General Fees:

Urgent Call Out Fee:

£42 locally

£66+ for 1 - 2 hours away

£120+ for further across the country

We will take different types of fingerprints free during the casting appointment to ensure you have every moment saved. 

Adult Hand Casting in Iron Manchester Body casting by Angelcasts

Memory Bank Service

Cast of one hand & permanent mould made £800 (this includes £200 to be taken off your design choice for the final piece)

We can then cast you or family members with the cast hand to create different styles of keepsakes or subsequent hands for family members.

Husband and Wife Memorial Bronze Hand Casting in Lancashire by Angelcasts

Memorial Holding Hands

Cold Cast Metal:

1 single hand £950

2 people holding hands £1500

3 people holding hands £1740

Foundry Bronze:

2 people holding hands £3000

3 people holding hands £3600

Bronze Memorial Hand Family Wreath Casting in Yorkshire and Leeds

Wreath Style Castings

Two Hands in Cold Cast Metal £1500

Three Hands in Cold Cast Metal £1740

Four Hands in Cold Cast Metal £1980

Available cold cast metals: Bronze, Brass, Copper, Iron, Aluminium

Two Hands in Foundry Bronze £3000

Three Hands in Foundry Bronze £3600

Four Hands in Foundry Bronze £4200

Available Patinas: Polished Bronze, Penny Brown, Blues, Verdis gris and more

Foundry Bronze Baby Casts with Engraving by Angelcasts Manchester

Baby & Kids Memorial Casts

Baby - Cold Metal Castings:

Single hand or foot £600

Hand and foot or pair £1100

Available cold cast metals: Bronze, Brass, Copper, Iron, Aluminium

Baby - Foundry Metal Castings:

Single Baby Cast £960

Hand & Foot £1725

Both Hands and Feet £2800

Available Patinas: Polished Bronze, Penny Brown, Blues, Verdis gris and more

Memorial Print Kits for fingerprints, handprints and pet prints by Angelcasts next day delivery fingerprint kit uk

URGENT Print Kits

We can supply Next Day delivery for our Fingerprint and Handprint Kits. These are easy to use and help you to take detailed prints for jewellery. 

All Memorial Kits include free two return postage slips where prints can be divided in two separate packages and sent back to the studio for safe keeping.

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