Body Casting is extremely personal to all who choose it. Whether you are celebrating yourself, overcoming a previous anxiety or saying good bye to a part of yourself on a medical journey. We will carefully work with you to make a stunning body casting to suit your needs, style & taste. We can produce body castings in plaster, foundry Bronze, fibreglass & metal cold cast Copper, Bronze, Aluminium, Brass & Iron to suit a range of requirements for indoor & outdoor sculpture. Body casting is truly a magical experience from the initial casting to delivering the final piece. We are now open for appointments in our Manchester Studio.

However to ensure our services can be offered safely we will only have a limited number of appointments available each week to ensure the studio can be fully sanitised and require clients to bring their own face mask, or we can provide for a £2 charge. As such we will also work with you prior to your appointment via email to design your chosen body casting to limit time within the studio. This helps to reduce the risk of transmission and keep both client and life caster safe. You will of course still be able to view some samples within the studio but the physical appointment will now be focused on getting the cast done quickly and in a friendly and professional way with Ami a female life caster. Designs can always be tweaked and adapted further upon after seeing samples, but we will need to know the following: what are is being cast, how far up the body, neck, breasts etc. Is another person required for their hands in the casting and what finish you would be looking to achieve for material and colour etc.

The studio will also be deeply sanitised prior to your appointment and after, with appointments that run every other day to prevent any further risk. Unfortunately our London services remain closed and will be reviewed in September.

We also offer payment plans to help you stagger the costs of your chosen cast commission. There are no extra charges and payments are flexible to your requirements and budget.

Body Casting Pricelist:

This list is not exhaustive but a good guideline to the castings we offer and prices you can expect certain styles to be. Certain changes in cut off points or it being a back piece with less undercuts may lessen the prices below:

Colour & Material Guides:

Casting Type                              Plaster    Fibreglass   Cold Cast Metal

Small Casting

Breasts Casting or                                  £365               £600                  £1000

Small Bottom Casting   


Medium Body Casting such                 £590               £900                  £1800

as neck to navel, breasts to hips

or waist to below buttocks            

Larger Body Casting such as                NA                 £1800                £2500

neck to above the knee

Face Casting                                          £220              £400                  £750

(Hairline to Chin)

Head Casting                                         £400              £1100                £1900

(front Half only down to


Ears are an extra £60

3D Portrait                                               NA                 £2250               £3400

Life Cast Bust with Sculpted              

Hair - full 360 piece 

Additional Extras:

Add a frame to your casting £20 - £250

Add a base: Wooden £20 - £200      /     Metal £165 - £450

Add a hand £60 each

High Polish Finish £30 - £600

Add Texture £100 - £200

Add Underwear/ fabric £40 each

Did you know we can miniaturise your body casting and we also work with Foundry Bronze, prices upon request.

You can see all the beautiful cold cast metal colours we can offer and our standard & polished smooth fibreglass colour samples. Cold cast metal refers to using resins and mixing real metal powders into the cast. This makes them look & feel like metal. They are also superior because the colour is in the mixture so any handling wont affect the colour. Where as fibreglass pieces the colour is provided on the surface, these will need to be kept away from direct sunlight and be handled carefully as any painted surface would be.