Browse through our FAQ's below & view our material guide to explain the difference between fibreglass, cold cast metals, foundry Bronze's and more. If you can't find the answer to your question please contact us at info@angelcasts.co.uk

With our new change of service with the coronavirus outbreak we have stopped all physical contact with our Manchester Life Casting Studio & London Life Casting Studio. However our workshop is still open and we have developed a new way to help you keep those precious moments. See our full FAQS below:

LifeCasting Material Guide by Angelcasts
Can I make the final cast with the DIY Kit?

No, the DIY Kit is a special package to create the mould for your chosen casting. Expert knowledge will be required to fill this type of mould that can withstand postage and delay before filling. It will create a perfect Mould but you won't be able to fill it. The mould will need to be returned to us to complete the casting.

Can you shrink a Life Casting?

Yes we can 3D scan any life cast from a baby's foot and adult torso, face or pregnancy bump casting and miniaturise it into silver or gold jewellery or turn it into a beautiful bespoke mini sculpture or ornament.

What materials are used in the kit?

Our kits have different materials pending the requirements needed. All materials are skin safe and informational sheets about the ingredients are supplied within the kit. All moulding materials are applied topically and are non-allergenic.

I live abroad can I order some jewellery?

Yes, we ship worldwide with our exceptional print kits and regularly send jewellery overseas. Please note it may take a little longer to receive the kit or your jewellery during this pandemic.

How long does a casting take to make?

Once we receive your mould it can take the following times to deliver the final piece back to you:

All Baby Castings : 4 - 6 weeks

Fibreglass Body castings: 12 weeks

Cold Cast Metal Body castings: 17 weeks

I would like something I can't see online?

Please get in touch at info@angelcasts.co.uk we have worked closely with clients to produce replicas and moulds for doctors for reconstructive surgery, to silicone face masks, vac formed masks for London Fashion Week and much more.

I'm not sure how I feel about a video appointment...

That is completely understandable. The video appointment will be undertaken by Ami a female life caster with over 10 years of experience. No-one else will be present and by having the video appointment means we will be able to guarantee you a 100% a successful mould creation. You don't have to have a video appointment for your casting, however there are some potential moulding problems that could happen without being able to talk you through the process.

When will I receive my Jewellery, Print Kit or DIY Kit?

We are currently posting & dispatching items only once a week for our own safety. All timelines via products listed online or as agreed by email will be adhered to wherever possible. Although due to the unprecedented demand on the postal service we advise there can be a delay in receiving items even though they were dispatched on time.

I want to add hands to my casting, when can I?

Hands are exceptionally hard to mould and especially with the materials required for postage. As such we won't be offering this as a DIY kit service because it would be unfair to you. However by perfectly preserving the bump or torso, hands can be cast on the final casting once the Coronavirus outbreak is controlled and social distancing relaxed. However we cannot guarantee when this will be.

Sharing Images

Angelcasts will never share any images of your casting or virtual appointment without your permission. You are welcome to take photos of the process and video moments with a friend or partner. However if you choose to share those then we are happy to be tagged, if you don't want anything online we won't share any of the work. Although we do ask if you don't mind to be able to share the final piece to help clients on future work, but we understand if not.

Can you make in Foundry Bronze?
Yes we love to work with foundry bronze and work closely with an arts foundry and can turn any life cast, bespoke sculpture and more into an indoor or outdoor piece of art for you. Turn around times vary on size and complexity of the piece and range from 12 - 24 weeks.
Body Casting for TV , Film or Theatre?

View our Media booking page, we will always try to help where we can & decrease our turn around times to work with filming schedules. We have a strict privacy policy & will not share any images, products or details until released from the production company or client. All originals that are not claimed or used as part of the production will be destroyed unless the client requests otherwise.

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