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chrome finish for brink studio
mouldmaking for polylogouk by angelcasts
Buddha sculpture mould for outdoor sculpture with angelcasts mouldmaking northwest


We provide a mould making service for artists across the UK, London and the North west to transform artist sculptures into fibreglass, cold cast metal such as bronze resin or iron resin, wax and foundry bronze. We can make moulds of varying size from small and intricate to large and multi piece with silicone inserts or plain fibreglass. We can then cast these into a variety of materials and specialist finishes to suit your project.


We will be more than happy to quote for your project from mould making to casting and would need to know the below:

- Scale & measurements

- Detailed photos of the piece or drawings 

- How many casts or what material to be cast from the mould

- When you need the work completed by

Sculptures can be brought to our studio in Manchester or we can collect on your behalf for a reasonable fee pending weight, scale and distance.

Please email us at

We will never share any images of the work without your permission and we understand that many do not wish to share, which is why some of our examples below are limited. 

Mouldmaking & Resin Casting for Brink Studio Ltd

Original sculpture was moulded and refined for a perfect finish to make a master model for rapid multi mould production. Resin figures are supplied with 2k professional finish on a regular basis.

Mouldmaking for PolyLogoUK

Moulded with a silicone skin and 4 piece fibreglass jacket from a polystyrene bear. 

Tony Evans - Karate Kid

Moulded with a silicone and fibreglass mould from a copper sheet original. This was then cast in cold cast bronze and aged with a patina. 

Small gallery share of past projects from Halo Reach games launch to theatre heads and large sculptures.