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Bronze baby casting engraved by angelcasts baby casting in manchester
expert detail in bronze baby casting with angelcasts in manchester, liverpool and wales
baby bronze casting baby feet with angelcasts baby casting northwest


We offer an exceptional array of bespoke colours for all of our cold cast metal and foundry bronze castings. From any age, whether it's the newborn fist to those sticky preschool fingers to the hand you hold as you cross the road. We can cast from any age and work with you to design the perfect keepsake in a variety of materials. Baby castings are available in our Manchester studio and our London pop up studio. We offer free home visits around central London and central Manchester. We charge a small fee for those further from our studios.

All of our appointments are fun, friendly and you don't need to worry about how long your little one can stay still, our expert materials and skill will get a perfect cast in just a minute of moulding the hand or foot.

For little ones who may fidget, we would also advise you to bring any snacks or a favourite toy for your child as a distraction. Especially for ages over 6 months - 3 years.​ Or for a baby, it's often best to (where possible) time it after a nap or feed so they are well rested for the appointment. However we know that babies do not fit to routine and will happily work with you to get the best possible casting and best detail.

Materials we offer for our baby castings are Foundry metals such as Bronze or Cold Cast metals, these are made from using real metals with a specialist resin to create the look and feel of metal at a reduced cost of our foundry metals. These casts are available in Bronze, Brass, Copper, Iron and Aluminium. You can view more examples of these materials in our guide here.

Time and Delivery:

Cold Cast Metal Castings take 7 - 9 weeks.

Foundry Bronze Castings take 12 - 16 weeks

Delivery is free within Manchester & Greater Manchester areas or closer to our London Pop Up Studio. A small fee may be required if travelling further.

We also offer payment plans with flexible payments and no extra charges. Casts are delivered once the final payment has been made.

All prices include VAT

Bespoke Metal Shelf Frame inlaid with wood for Bronze Baby Castings

A stunning and contemporary way to keep your castings safe and on display. These beautifully handcrafted metal frames are inlaid with different woods to create unique styles and keep little ones away from grabbing these sparkling foundry bronze castings.


Each frame is made unique to the number of casts you wish to display, from babies to siblings and family members.


Estimate Prices for Popular choices of Foundry Bronze & Frame:

Pair of newborn casts and frame £2200

Three newborn casts and frame £2800

Two sibling casts and frame from £3000+


baby bronze casts memorial casting in foundry bronze polished

Foundry Bronze Baby hand Casts

Four Baby Casts 0 - 3 months


More prices on Request

polished bronze baby feet pair by angelcasts baby casting manchester and london

Foundry Bronze Baby Casts

Single Bronze Baby Casting £960

Pair of Bronze Baby Casts £1725

Engraving £40 per engraving

Available Patinas: Polished Bronze, Penny Brown

Foundry Bronze Baby Casting with Metal Imprint Base

Bronze Casts with Imprint Base

Pair or Foundry Bronze Baby Casts with Imprint Base £5000

Available Patinas: Polished Bronze, Penny Brown, Verdis Gris, Navy Blue & more

family bronze hands polished.JPG

Parents & Baby Holding Hands Casting in Foundry Bronze

Parents & Baby £2800

Baby & Sibling from £2600

Available Patinas: Polished bronze, Penny Brown, Verdis gris, Blues, Reds & more


Cold Cast Metal Parent & Baby Castings

Parents & Baby £1440

Baby & Sibling from £1320

Available Metals: Bronze, Brass, Iron, Aluminium

Bronze Family Feet and Bronze Paws for a stunning family sculpture feature by Angelcasts

Bespoke Commissions

Please contact us for a specific quote

Did you know we can miniaturise castings too?

With any casting taken we can also help you miniaturise those precious moments into unique jewellery to keep your little one with you always. We are always happy to work bespoke and will design the best piece for you and your loved ones.

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