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maharani clay sculpture by angelcasts sculpture northwest manchester south
buddha sculpture by angelcasts manchester sculpting studio for fibreglass projects and bronze sculptures
giant clay figure sculpting manchester for graden outdoor sculptures by angelcasts


It's not only body casting we offer but we can sculpt a figure, abstract shape or feature from indoor and outdoor installation, we can create your desired piece in weather resistant fibreglass, Cold Cast metals such as Bronze, Copper, Aluminium, Iron or Brass and Foundry metals ranging from Bronze to Aluminium and Pewter.

Everything is handcrafted at the studio by Ami and installed to the highest standards. From sourcing specific stone to public art commissions and private clients. We can help you to make your bespoke idea come true, from design to installation.

Please email Ami at for a quote


A bespoke commission for 6 statues to be designed from sketch to clay to final fibreglass figures to be installed as a large outdoor chess set for a garden.


A public art commission for a statue to be installed at Penge East Rail Station in memory of 'Lily' the Station Cat. More can be read here:

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