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Exclusive Bespoke Life Casting Kits for those who can't make it to our Manchester Studio


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Our unique fingerprint jewellery brings a contemporary elegance to traditional jewellery and can be made from anywhere in the world with our free print kits which can take fingerprints from babies aged 6 months and up.


We can add personal touches such as loved one's handwriting, pet prints such as nose textures & paw pad textures & so much more.


We love to work with you to create something new that reflects the one you love and your style. All of our jewellery comes with free print kits dispatched within 1-4 days or we can work with prints you already have and are sent back to you with a beautiful gift box, gift wrapped & carefully crafted and dispatched within 5 days - 28 days from receipt of your fingerprints, handprints or pet prints for UK & Overseas.

Unfortunately due to the pandemic our services are taking a little longer due to longer waiting times for post and hallmarking. If you need your jewellery urgently or by a specific date, please get in touch and we will expedite for you where possible.

We have body cast celebrities for TV and Fashion and for all those special moments of new arrivals, pre-mastectomies and  to celebrate the body or many years together with our popular anniversary hand clasp. However with Covid-19 we have had to close our London Pop Up studio until October. However we are open and casting in Manchester pending any lockdown restrictions but we will have a limited number of appointments available each week & potentially a waiting list of demand is high.


If you are in London and desperately need our services we can still provide our emergency COVID19 Mould kits which helped so many during lockdown to save those precious moments. If we are in a local lockdown then we can still provide our kits to help you if the studio needs to close.

We will ship an all you need life casting kit from materials & equipment for you to create a perfect mould which we can then work from to create your keepsake. Our kits can be shipped all over the UK & we will organise a collection of the mould to protect you & your family. We will then receive the mould and be able to work on it to create your chosen casting in your choice of material from Fibreglass to cold cast metal & foundry Bronze. The completed life cast can then be posted back to you.

Once you've ordered a bespoke kit, it will be shipped within 1 - 2 days.

Engrave words from a loved one into your chosen jewellery

Bespoke Body Casting Studio & Fingerprint Jewellery in Gold & Silver

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