Life Casting Restoration

Saving the moment

We know how important castings are to us and how upsetting it can be to have them damaged or start to go wrong. We know that with the best intentions hospitals and midwives help mothers who have lost their little ones to take beautiful clay prints. But all too often these are too painful to see straight away and it's not until they are looked at further down the line do people realise they have cracked and started to crumble. But don't worry, we can help you fix those and ensure they are restored and sealed properly.

Or prehaps you took a cast yourself and need it touching up? Or want to restyle a pregnancy bump mould? Or duplicate casts to gift to family members. Whatever your reason or need we can work with you to restore or copy your precious moment.

Because every cast, imprint or bandage mould is unique. We can provide a quote upon seeing photos of the piece. Prices will vary depending on the amount of time required to fix, replicate or Seal and protect.

A bronze family casting made from a DIY Kit they took and restored by Angelcasts in Manchester
fixing baby castings and reframeing a damaged frame with Angelcast in Manchester
Repaired hospital baby imprints by Angelcasts
Re-framing and colouring baby castings with new baby castings for second child by Angelcasts baby casting in Manchester

We can re-frame or make frames to match where ever possible with existing castings you may already have. This is regularly done, although not always possible. However we will try our best and can colour match existing casts very well.

Reworking a plaster bandage body casting. We can transform this bandage bump cast into a sleek and shiny body casting in cold cast metal or foundry bronze. Restoring you moment with life casting & body casting