Not sure if your little furry one will sit still enough to be able to get a print? You can order a kit seperately without placing an order to see if it works for you, or this is a perfect way to get those beautiful prints before they are taken too early.


The print kit is very easy to take, it includes an inkless wipe system which means you can take beautiful prints without getting mucky. The kit provides three sheets & 1 wipe as standard. We reccomend a wipe for each pet having their prints taken and to trim any long fur around their paws before taking prints. But don't worry if there are smudges on the final prints or excess hair. We can edit those out.


We include a free return mailing bag for the UK and for overseas it is just the mailing bag unfortunately we cannot provide return postage.


We dispatch within 1 - 2 days and the gift kit will arrive within 2 - 3 days of the order in the UK or within 10 - 21 days worldwide.


Or if you order before 10.30am we will dispatch the same day so you can have it arrive before 1pm the next day for the UK Only.

Pet Paw Print Ink Kit

How many Pets?

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