A beautiful sterling silver bangle is sculpted by hand & made with a written message from someone you love or hold dear. You can measure as per the guide included in the listing by squeezing your thumb to your little finger. Then use a tape measure or string or paper to measure around the widest part of your knuckles. Mark the string or paper & measure with a ruler or take the measurement from the tape measure. You can provide your measurement in cm or inches.


Or if your intended has a bangle already simply measure the diamater of an existing bangle and add to your order, but please state if this is a diameter measurement or knuckle measurement.


Once your order is placed you can then email us your writing, this can be in the form of a scan or photo. We can also take various samples of writing and piece them together to create something new. We have worked from old birthday cards, to old messages written underneath wallpeper and much more. We will work with you to create the perfect engraving.


It will take us between 10 - 15 days to craft your chosen bangle. This will be posted securely to you with a luxury giftbox and giftwrapped ready to give. We can also provide photos, prior to gifting.


All jewellery comes fully UK hallmarked as standard.


The silver bangle measures:

Rectangular:4.8mm wide & 2mm thick with a 3mm engraving (can be engraved inside or outside)

D Band: 4mm x 2mm (can only be engraved on the inside)


Solid 9ct Yellow gold bangle measures:

D Band: 4mm x 2mm (can only be engraved on the inside)


Solid 9ct Rose Gold bangle measures: 

D Band: 4mm x 2mm (can only be engraved on the inside)


Handwritten Message Bangle in Sterling Silver

Bangle Shape & Type
Where to Place the engraving?
  • Delivery:

    All jewellery is dispatched within the stated time frame on each listing. We estimate with the postage & the prompt return of the print kits for jewellery turn around times to be:


    UK orders 10 - 25 days

    International orders 3 weeks - 6 weeks



    If a fault occurs with your jewellery findings, we will fix wherever possible within 6 months of purchase for free. This is extrememly unlikely as all jewellery under goes strength tests. However if you accidentally damage your own ring we will happily fix at a discount for you, but a small fee will go towards the materials required to fix the damage. It is important to us that you enjoy your jewellery for a lifetime.



    We will accept refunds on orders & refund you in full if the print kit has been returned to us in resellable condition. Or we will minus the cost of the print kit off your order. If you have already returned the print kit or your order is personalised from a bespoke engraving, fingerprint, or identifying feature we will be unable to sell on and won't be able to refund you.


    If you are returning prints or jewellery from overseas please state that you are returning goods or you may be liable of import charges.


    If you aren't happy with an aspect of your jewellery, we pride ourselves on quality so please get in touch to discuss and we can try to ammend the problem.



    All sterling silver jewellery and gold jewellery will need to be carefully looked after to protect the finish and detail of the prints. We recommend when washing up, showering or any water based activity to remove the jewellery as water, perfumes, cleaning chemicals and creams will discolour the gold and silver.


    We also strongly advise to remove jewellery when you are taking part in any physical activity that will impact the jewellery such as sport, gym, physical DIY jobs or bartending for rings (lifting Kegs) etc.


    Jewellery can be repolished with a little silver polish and soft jewellery cloth.

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