This comprehensive DIY Mould Baby Casting Kit includes everything you need to take perfect baby castings with optional video appointment to guide you through the casting appointment. 


The DIY Kit includes inside:

- Premium Moulding Material

- Equipment to take the casting

- Instructions

- Tape & packaging for Return Postage


*The only things you will need are: Printer, Wifi, Baby Wipes & Loo roll*


Our Kit is a fully comprehensive kit with a door to door service. Everything is packged with a respirator, anitbacterial wiped & packaged with gloves. Within the kit is a fully instructional guide, equipment and materials. We advise you to read the guide in full and then contact us to book and appointment for your virtual casting. The casting will be fun but informative with us present as we will be able to help guide you without you haveing to refer to a step by step sheet.


We can also show you different framing options, colour finishes and show you the differences between colour finishes and styles from strong resins finished in an array of metallic or neutral tones to our stonr & realistic metal cold cast finishes to real foundry cast metals.


Once your moulds have been taken you can seal them all back up in the kit provided which even includes tape etc. We can then organise a suitable collection day/time with a courier and then book for you & email the labels over. You can then simply print these out and wait to mett your courier in a socially distant appropriate way for all.


We will then carefully use PPE to manage your castings & store until it is safe to work on them and create your beautifully designed keepsake which can be sent back to you or forwarded on to someone you love as a surprise gift.


*Our 4 casting kit ensures extra so that you can take numerous casts to ensure a perfect pair. If you wish to make a full set of casts we reccomend getting at least 2 extra moulding add ons.

Baby Casting Kit 0-1 Year

How many Baby Cast Moulds?

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