Elegant, chic and fashionable keepsake bracelet made from 9ct yellow gold of your furry friend. The reverse can also be engraved with a name.


This fully adjustable gold bracelet suits a variety of small wrist sizes. Please see our measuring guide in the images to appropriately measure your knuckles. If your measurement is under 20cm then the gold bracelet will be perfect for you. If it's over we can make a larger golden bracelet in the same chain style as the silver pictured above.


We can also make the fingerprint in gold too as an optional extra.


Once you place an order, we will send you a specialist pet print kit to take an impression of your pets paw or nose. Our materials are very easy to use and only need a second of contact on the area, we also send spare just in case your furry friend is a wiggler. Once you have your impression made you can package it up in the included mailing bag and drop it in the post box. Please note if you are ordering from overseas we can still make your jewellery, but we can only provide the mailing bag and not the return postage.


Once we receive your prints, we will carefully craft your chosen bracelet design and post it back to you with a luxury giftbox and gift wrapped read for your occassion.

9ct Gold Pet Print Button Bracelet

Pet Print Type
Pet Print Material

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