The female form goes on an incredible journey through pregnancy and deserves to be celebrated and remember, because it's easy to forget. We can design with you to create the perfect sculpture to represent you and your pregnancy & our bespoke range of colours and expert materials means we can style it to your interior and tastes with our bespoke life casting service. 

Our life cast sculptures can be made in plasters sealed in a variety of professional colours, to stronger sculptures made in  which can be painted and finished in a variety of effects. Lastly we can transform the cast into a beautiful cold cast metal sculpture or foundry bronze sculpture. Ready to hang or mounted onto a base. You decide. Keep the skin texture or polish it smooth for a sculptural effect. Add texture and age your sculpture with patina and cracked edges or keep it clean and crisp around the edges.

There are so many ways to adapt the life cast to make something truly unique.

Colour & Material Guides:

Casting Type                              Plaster    Fibreglass   Cold Cast Metal

Bump Only                                              £150              £250                   £450

Belly Bump with two Hands                  £500              £800                   £1250


Belly Bump with four hands                  £700              £1100                £1500


Belly Bump and breasts                        £500              £750                  £1250

Belly Bump & Breasts with                    £650              £950                  £1500

2 hands

Belly Bump & Breasts with 3 hands     £710              £1000                £1900

Belly Bump & Breasts with 4 hands     £800             £1400                 £2000

Full belly bump with neck, arms         £850             £1600                 £2400

and 2 hands caress

Full Figure Belly Casting from              £950             £1700                 £2900

neck to mid thigh

Full figure belly casting from              £1150            £1850                 £3100

neck to mid thigh and 2 hands

Full figure belly casting from             £1230             £1930                 £3250

neck to mid thigh and 3 hands

Full figure belly casting from            £1350              £2050                 £3400

neck to mid thigh and 4 hands

In our Gallery here you can see all the beautiful cold cast metal colours we can offer and our polished smooth fibreglass colour samples. Cold cast metal refers to using resins and mixing real metal powders into the cast. This makes them look & feel like metal. They are also superior because the colour is in the mixture so any handling wont affect the colour. Where as fibreglass pieces the colour is provided on the surface, these will need to be kept away from direct sunlight and be handled carefully as any painted surface would be.

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