Today's Cheeky Project

So today I am moulding this beautiful bottom after the school & nursery run. As soon as I got back inside, I whipped on my apron and got to carefully walling up in clay this plaster bottom to then cover in silicone. Why am I using silicone? Well this bottom will be cold cast in Bronze, which will give it a beautiful shine and a very realistic metal bronze finish without the price tag. Cold casting is when you use resins with real metal powders to provide a faux realistic metal finish that is superior to painting & waxing plaster. I have to say I absolutely love it when my clients choose cold cast effects for their castings as it creates so many stages which I love including the glorious staging of silicone. Its so pink & smooth, it makes me think of angel delight and marsh mellows and it's just as magical!

But this is a long process and takes 2 - 4 hours for each layer to dry, so between stages I am polishing jewellery with the kiln on in the background, praising the fact my youngest is now at nursery and I can work like a normal person at normal hours, instead of some strange vampiric mother spending long hours into the night catching up with orders. Don't get me wrong, I do miss him and still have him 3 days of the week, but I do rather enjoy this solo creative time without the question... 'where is my Lightening Mcqueen?' cue being asked 1000+ times a day ;-)

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