Just 20 days...

A special and urgent request to make a beautiful sculptural form for a surprise birthday present.

We were commissioned to travel across the country to meet with the client and produce a very special casting in only 20 days. This faux polished bronze fibreglass casting is now at it's new home and it was an absolute pleasure to design with them and make their urgent request come true.

We will always try to accommodate any urgent needs, provided it doesn't compromise the quality of the casting. Fibreglass, resins and cold-cast metals can often be delivered quicker if required. However we will never rush a plaster casting because there is no way to speed up their drying.

Why does it take so long for plaster? Others do it quicker, we've been told. But we have also seen what happens to castings that weren't dried out thoroughly and then painted and sealed. That moisture that gets left inside will slowly rot the casting from the inside out. By the time you notice it's effects on the outside. It will be too late to save. We provide quality in every aspect of our castings & jewellery, but we will always try to help out where we can.

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