Body Casting Model Ava for The Sun Newspaper

Well we had a very exciting afternoon a few weeks ago when I was invited to cast model & actress Ava for The Sun Newspaper to do a piece exploring Kim Kardashian's body casting for her new perfume fragrance. Unfortunately we didn't quite make it to print but it was a brilliant day and the casting has come out perfectly. It was the first time I have ever been filmed & recorded while I worked. Normally I'm a behind the scenes girl, you'll find me in the fly gallery at a theatre, suited & boiler suited with a gas mask in the work shop or installing exhibitions in a gallery. Never in front of the camera. So I don't know if I am happy or sad not to see the footage? But it's so lovely to finally be able to share what I am working on. So many projects are a secret at the moment, but here's a glimpse into one of them at least!

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