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I am so excited by the response to our new group on Facebook 'Angelcasts Exclusive' this will be an amazing space to share new casting & jewellery designs every week with potential for massive savings. We will also be running a big giveaway every 4 - 6 weeks for all members as well as exclusive live content, videos, how to's & live Q&A - this gives the members the choice of what they want to talk about.

I've wanted to do this for so long to thank all my loyal supporters so this Friday we are doing a big giveaway and the members choose the prize. Thank-you to everyone who has joined in so far, I can't wait to watch it grow & be able to give back some beautiful surprise freebies to those involved. Thank-you as always for the support!

P.S if you are reading this and haven't seen the posts about the group - simply search 'Angelcasts Exclusive' and you will be able to join in the group! Hope to see you there.

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