Miniature Casting

Wearable art or Ornamental sculptures

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We use the latest technology to make a very special type of keepsake. That ornamental sculpture in your home with a personal touch. Figurative nude at 15-20cm? Styled and true to your form but no one would know it's personal element. The miniaturisation also means for capturing all the detail without the loosing of space in your home, perfect for smaller spaces or to create a discreet statement piece of a moment that matters to you.

You will need to have a life cast taken to preserve the original form, we can then work with you to polish off the skin detail, add texture or style to create a real piece of art on a secret scale. Our manchester studio is open for appointments and you can book in at  you will be able to view lots of material samples and colour finishes at the studio. All sculptural miniature pieces can also be made freestanding or mounted onto a base or made to hang on the wall pending your preference. 

The technology we use creates the most outstanding detail that even jewellery can be captured in the castings. Explore our product listings to view more about pricing, please note our prices are listed for a 50% reduction in size. Costs will be lower for smaller final pieces.

All our materials are incredibly strong and we specialise in precious metals and casting metals. Whether it is jewellery or an ornamental sculpture, you will be receiving a tailored and bespoke service to ensure you have fun and are the auteur to your final piece.