Using the latest technologies of 3D scanning & printing we can transform your life casting into a beautiful miniature work of art. We can take the life casting for you and shrink it down to 50% of the size or smaller and reproduce for you in stunning cold cast metals, foundry bronze and more.

We already scan baby castings to make beautiful bespoke miniature life cast jeweller in Silver and Gold click here to view more

However scanning a body casting is a rare and unique service in which we use the best technology to provide you with stunning detail of the hands including rings which can't be found anywhere else.

We work with you to design the perfect sculpture. From pregnancy castings, to torso castings, bottoms and more we can recreate these on any scale you wish in fibreglass, cold cast metals: bronze, brass, copper, aluminium, iron, marble and also in Copper, Foundry Bronze, Sterling Silver Plated or Solid Gold and Silver.

Because of the variations in prices and scales in designs we have included a few price options below, if you have a specific request in mind just get in touch.

We also offer payment plans to help you stagger the cost of your casting during it's creation. We don't charge any extra for this and we are flexible on the amounts you pay and can build a perfect plan for you.

Cold Cast Metal

Bronze / Brass / Copper / Iron / Aluminium

Head Casting (sculpted hair & eyes)

50% £7200   /  25% £6400

Short Torso, Short Bottom or Pregnancy Casting

50% £7300  /   25% £6800

Long Bottom & Leg Casting or Long Torso with hips 

50% £8000 /    25% £7000

These prices are for free hanging or a bespoke base can be made in metal for an additional £265 

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Bronze quotes available upon request

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