Making a tangible moment of the one you love


Please note this service is now guranteed for Next Day delivery by 5pm. Orders must be placed before 11.30 am

We can cast pets too

If you are reading this, we are very sorry for your loss. We offer a personal & professional service to make the perfect jewellery to suit you at this time. Our jewellery is a beautiful way to keep someone close.


You may have been offered to take a print at a hospital or hospice, which we can use to carefully create your designed memorial jewellery. If you haven't you can take an emergency print here with household items, view our diy print guide or we can send you a kit with clear instructions on how to take the print, which you, a family member or staff/nurse could use with ease. Or you can send us an ink print if you have one by taking a photo of it & emailing us at

Our print kits are available below but we can also transfer written words which make a lovely addition to any memorial piece. We can take a sample of the writing by email and the writing can be edited from a birthday card, letter or we have even restored writing found under wallpaper to add that extra personal touch.