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We can cast pets too

If you are reading this, we are very sorry for your loss. We offer a personal & professional service to make the perfect jewellery to suit you at this time. Our jewellery is a beautiful way to keep someone close.


You may have been offered to take a print at a hospital or hospice, which we can use to carefully create your designed memorial jewellery. If you haven't you can take an emergency print here with household items, view our diy print guide or we can send you a kit with clear instructions on how to take the print, which you, a family member or staff/nurse could use with ease. Or you can send us an ink print if you have one by taking a photo of it & emailing us at

Our print kits are available below but we can also transfer written words which make a lovely addition to any memorial piece. We can take a sample of the writing by email and the writing can be edited from a birthday card, letter or we have even restored writing found under wallpaper to add that extra personal touch.

We provide plenty of material for several prints to be taken to ensure several copies of the print. We will return the original prints to you and no damage will come to them, however as often these are sent to us in the post - we ask to send back two prints seperately to ensure against any mishap with the post office (although this has never happened) we include two return postage slips within the kit for this reason.

We can store your prints for upto 2 years. We will never destroy a print & we have a secure system for storing prints to return to you. If you do not wish to to order with us, we will return your prints for a £10 charge to cover the costs of duplicate postage.

Memorial Casting & Terminal Casting:

We are happy to say despite being in Tier 3 restrictions we are happy where appropriate to come and help you get a casting of your loved one. Our memorial prices are a little more than our standard prices due to the extra work that goes into restoring the hand in after life castings. We also take 2 casts to ensure a perfect cast is taken before it becomes too late.

Prices are as below: (ages over 12 account for adult prices)

Plaster Adult Hand painted any colour (with 1 spare taken) £350

Cold Cast Metal Adult  Hand in bronze, Brass, Copper, Aluminium, Pewter or Iron (with 1 spare taken & permanent mould made) £550

Subsequent cold cast copies made from the mould made with cold casting £350 each.

Child's Hand in Plaster painted any colour (with 1 spare taken) £270

Child's Hand in Cold Cast Metal in Brass, bronze, Copper, Aluminium, Pewter or Iron (with 1 spare taken & permanent mould made) £400

Subsequent cold cast copies made from the mould made with cold casting £260 each.

Optional Extras:

Wooden Bases Painted in Silk Black £30 or White £45

Metal Base Welded & weighted with a cured chemical finish in Silk Black £165

Castings come freestanding with a felt protective bottom without the above options.

Holding Hands Casting for two in Plaster (with a spare made) £480

Holding Hands Casting for two in Cold Cast Metal (with a spare & Mould made) £800

Subsequent cold cast copies made from the mould made with cold casting £500 each.

We will be happy to quote any design ideas or number of people needed for your casting. We can also get creative if logistics are a problem and take the initial cast and then re-cast it with everyone holding it as a more suitable time. Just like this cold cast brass memorial hand piece where a grandmother passed before meeting her grand daughter so the sculpture was made to embrace all three with seperate castings.

With all our casting memorial appointments we can attend the funeral parlour on your behalf and you do not need to be at the appointment unless you wish to be so.

We will also take free ink fingerprints and putty prints at the time of the casting to ensure perfect prints. We can also take ink handprints on request for an additional fee of £5 per print.

Please note the longer the appointment is after the time of death, the less lifelike the hands can become, we can touch up some of these aspects however we suggest getting a casting as soon as reasonably possible.