Angelcasts come from a Props background with experience working with Film, Theatre & TV. We have worked with Museums such as the Royal Academy, The Design Museum. Designers such as Hussein Chalayan creating figures for his exhibit 'Son of Sonzai' and various mould making challenges for the 'Halo Reach' game launch and many more high profile & low budget, indie films & designers for London Fashion Week. We love to get involved and to make your idea happen.

We work discreetly with 10 years of life casting experience within the industry and will never share any images of work without permission from the client or production company. We will destroy any copies, moulds etc that are no longer required from the client or company & everything is safely secured & managed with restricted access from any other parties or individuals.


We can turn around castings in less than 24 hours for expedited fees or in just a few days or weeks depending on your budget, project and timescale.

Request a Body Casting in London or Manchester for TV, Film or Theatre

Body Casting Studio Manchester North west life casting by Angelcast - led by female artist Ami Crabb

Manchester Life Casting Studio:

London Life Casting Artist Ami Crabb of Angelcasts creates unique sculptures in Metal, Fibreglas & Bronze
Life casting for film, theatre, TV and Fashion in London & Manchester with Angelcasts

Pop Up London Studio:

We can make a variety of body castings, masks or props from plaster, latex, fibreglass and cold cast metal. If you have something specific and urgent to discuss call Ami on 07402882542 or use the contact form above.

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Body Casting Manchester & London

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