We have body cast celebrities, actors & worked with top fashion designers such as Hussein Chalayan, produced castings for Film & Theatre for Ridley Scott's 'Prometheus'  & many more for TV commercials, exhibitions & London Fashion Week. All of our 3D castings are incredibly detailed and we work with you to design every detail. Do you want to remember their tiny toes? Turn yourself into a piece of art? Perhaps you wish to miniaturise your life cast into jewellery or into a mini sculpture? Whichever you choose we can help make your idea happen.

We specialise in plaster & fibreglass; both neutral or any colour, as well as cold cast metals; bronze, brass, copper, iron & aluminium. We can also work with Foundry Bronze and Silver Plating.

Our casting appointments are held in Manchester & London with Ami who has over 10 years experience life casting actors, models & more. We can also do home visits upon request and we will never share any images without your permission. You are welcome to bring a partner, friend or older/younger siblings to your life casting appointment and to video or photograph the process. Appointments last roughly between 20 - 40 minutes for small castings such as lips or baby castings or 40-60 minutes for larger body castings.


Please note we will not cast bodies or faces for anyone under the age of 14, only their hands & feet. Between 14 - 18 we can cast faces or partial faces if they are comfortable and willing and body castings are only available for those over the age of 18.

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From traditional life casting to 3D scanning we can produce foundry bronze, Sterling Silver, Brass, Copper & much more!

Our life castings require an appointment in either London or Manchester. With the exception of our pet nose casting. We have an easy to use print kit which means you can take a print at home. We can either turn this into a bespoke silver or gold pendant/bracelet or frame into a special keepsake for you.

We can frame body castings, holding hands castings, mount castings on a variety of quality wood or stone bases and help you to make something perfect for your occasion. Our aim is to give you the ultimate choice & design for your keepsake.


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