Sometimes there isn't enough time to receive a fingerprint print kit and we want to help you to be able to take a good fingerprint at this time. This is a very good and quick method to take clear and detailed fingerprints for memorial jewellery which you can then use when you are ready with simple household items.


What you will need:


Plain white paper

Leaded pencil



1) Scratch your plain paper with the leaded pencil and build up a dark and shiny grey patch of graphite which will act like an ink pad for the fingerprint. Ensure the pencil has been pressed hard to build a dark shiny patch.

2) Rub your finger or the person/child's finger over the graphite patch until it is completely covered.

3) Cut a strip of cello tape and lightly press the sticky side over the tip of the graphite covered finger. Carefully press lightly over the fingertip to ensure all of it is stuck to the tape.

4) Carefully peel off the cello tape being careful not to touch the back of the graphite print and press it carefully onto the plain white paper. You will be able to see all the beautiful detail of the print. We reccomend doing at least 2 of each print to ensure the best version can be used for jewellery.

Now these prints can be scanned into a computer and emailed to us at when you are ready to place an order.


Or if you don't have a scanner or are unable to email them you can post them to the address below:


Angelcasts, 100 Mitford Street, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M32 8AQ

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