A 2 - 3 person holding hands casting takes just 1 - 3 minutes to take and is truly beautiful to keep for the years to come. Celebrate that special anniversary, the birth of a grandchild or a sibling embrace. Kids of all ages are fascinated and bemused by the casting process from the magical changes of colour as it sets, to the funny noises that are made when you slide your hand out of the mould.

We offer goodie bags for children over 2 years with a small toy & chocolate or fruit at the parents discretion.

You can book for an appointment in Stretford Manchester or Bromley London.

Our holding hands castings can be made in two different materials. Professionally painted plaster or a metal cold cast. A metal cold cast is a mix of real metal powders mixed with resin, these give the real appearance of shining metals of coppers, bronze, brasses & aluminium.These are also incredibly strong and so are much easier to look after and are recommended for terminal & memorial castings as they can be handled and caressed without any fear of damaging the cast. Please read our guide below to see the different colour options available. 

At an appointment you will be able to see lots of different colour samples of the different materials and colour finishes available. Colours range from traditional brass, bronze, copper, golds, rose golds, silvers, neutral tones and everything in between. All our colours are made bespoke in house so we can lighten or darken according to your style to make a truly unique casting.

Delivery Times: 12 - 16 weeks (cold cast metal castings can be completed quicker if urgently required but may incur an expediting fee. We ensure all our plaster castings are thoroughly dry from the inside before sealing to ensure you have a casting which lasts a life time.

We also offer payment plans to help you stagger the cost of your casting during it's creation. We don't charge any extra for this and we are flexible on the amounts you pay and can build a perfect plan for you.


Life CastingMateral Guide fr body casting ad holding hand casings in Manchester & London wih Angelcasts
Holding Hands Casting and Family Casting guide with Angelcasts in Manchester & London
Family Casting
3 people £300
4 people £380
5 people £460
Cold cast: 
3 people £790
4 people £950
5 people £1100
Two Adults
Cold Cast:
Parent & Child
0 - 1 £185 / 4 - 8 £200 / 5+ £215
Cold cast: 
0 - 1 £540 / 4 - 8 £590 / 5+ £610
Sibling Casting
 0 - 5 years £180 / Over 6 £220
Cold Cast:
0 - 5 years £540 / Over 6 £590

Holding Hands Casting Gift Voucher

Holding Hand Casting Copies:

We can also make copies of castings so all the family can enjoy the special keepsake. A mould of the original plaster version can be made and then copies can be made in plaster, resin or cold cast metals.

Prices are dependant on the number of copies being made and the number of hands in the casting and style. If you would like a quote for something specific you can contact us here

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