Holding Hands Castings

Together forever

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Holding Hand Castings are such a beautiful way to remember a special moment, That 50th wedding anniversary? Your newest arrival? The family together? Newly Weds? Whatever your occasion we will help to create the perfect styled metal casting of the ones you love. 

Hand casting is perfect for all ages and the detail we can pick up in the rings is incredible. Browse our sample colours and some examples of styles on our producing listing where you can see the prices available for the different types of castings.

You can book with us at info@angelcasts.co.uk at our Manchester Studio and we hope soon to open our London venue again. Castings only take a few minutes to make but last a lifetime with our expert knowledge in materials. Casts are available in cold cast metals such as bronze, brass, pewter or copper and Foundry bronze. Strong and stunning castings for all occasions.