Unfortunately with the Covid-19 outbreak we cant offer all the standard services we would be offering for Holding Hands & family castings. However we have made a brilliant lock down kit which is not only a fun activity to do for all the family and little ones. You can also make a brilliant keepsake from it all to be treasured by all the family. We can even send out discounted copies to grandparents or family not in your household. Our incredible kits will provide everything you need for materials & equipment and we can also have a virtual appointment to guide you through the process & show you colour samples. The kit also includes everything you need to package up this mould safely.

Why would you want to return the mould to us? Because we can prep the mould & demould for you to ensure you don't get missing fingers, air bubbles, breakges & all the other problems that can happen with DIY Kits. We can also ensure your cast is touched up, thoroughly dried out before any colour is applied to re make into some of our specialist materials. Your mould can be packaged up in the provided kit and collected by courier organised by us. Once we've carefully crafted your keepsake in your chosen design, we can ship it back to you, gift wrapped & ready to open with your family or to someone you love. The DIY Mould Kits are brought seperately and the cost can be taken off the prices quoted below.

Parent & Child
0 - 3 £220 / 4 - 12 £250
Cold cast: 
0 - 3 £560 / 4 - 12 £590 
Two Adults
Cold Cast:

Holding Hand Casting Copies:

If we are already making you a cold cast holding hands keepsake we can make cold cast metal duplicates from the same mould for you at a discounted rate.

Sibling Casting
 0 - 5 years £220 / 6 - 12 £245
Cold Cast:
0 - 5 years £540 /  6 - 12 £550

Casting Colour Sample Guide:

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