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angelcasts fingerprint jewellery necklace pendants and charms and artisan organic fingerprint rings


A preview of our new stunning collection which we will expand on each week with new designs and stunning detail. We have so many exciting ideas to push the boundaries of our classic style of keepsake jewellery and cannot wait to surprise you weekly. This collection brings the elegance and contemporary quality of our classic collection but adds a twist of organic detail and precision detail. All of our designs can be made in any type of gold or carat.


The jewellery collection features; fingerprints, paw nose prints, paw pad texture prints including the new exciting inverted paw pad texture. Instead of our classic paw pad texture which creates the raised print of the paw onto precious metal, the inverted paw print creates the touch of the paw on silver, leaving an indentation of the pax texture. The touch of a furry friend.