Our Doodle jewellery is a brilliant way to remember a child's first portrait of someone special to them or make a perfect gift for Granny or Grandad or a beautiful hidden message to someone you love.


Transferring handwriting into jewellery can add such a precious detail that can mean so much. These can make beautiful reminders of the people who now only live in our hearts & minds or to keep that little bit of extra from someone we love close to us always.


You can order below or by jewellery type as any of our standard fingerprint or pet print jewellery can be altered for a doodle or handwritten print to be added. You can simply scan & email in your doodles or hand written messages to or post us the items directly. We will then return these to you with your carefully crafted keepsake.


All our jewellery comes with a beautiful gift box & we can gift wrap upon request.

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