Covid19 has been challenging for us all over lockdown and unfortunately has meant we can't resume our normal London Casting Service yet. However it doesn't mean we can't still help you make some beautiful keepsakes, as we helped so many others with our fantastic kits over the lockdown period.


Our kits are fully inclusive of equipment, specialist materials easy to follow instructions & a virtual appointment to give you the best breast casting, body casting, baby casting or pregnancy bump casting. The kit includes return packaging and we will even organise collection of the mould to minimise any risk to you and your family.

By returning the mould of your breasts, torso, pregnancy bump or hands to us, we will be able to expertly demould & fill ensuring you a perfect casting. By offering a video appointment with the kit, we will also be ensuring we can supervise the creation of the mould where appropriate or advise and answer any questions before you start life casting. You will have an expert on hand to ensure you get the perfect casting.

Once we receive your mould which we will courier from you to our studio, we will be able to re-create in fibreglass an incredibly strong material which can be painted a variety of colours or cast in cold cast metal. This is the process of combining metal powders with fibreglass for a realistic metal finish at the fraction of the price from Foundry Bronze. Available metals are Brass, Bronze, Iron, Aluminium & Copper. There are some limitations to what can be achieved with positions and casting texture details, however these will be outlined per product below.


Simply order your kit and then this kit price will be taken off our listed life casting prices that match your choice.

Once the Studio is open again, here are more of what we will be able to offer in Manchester from Aug 1st - however if a local lockdown is in place the studio will remain closed and we can only offer some casting styles.