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Updated 2nd January 2020

Our Manchester Studio was open for 2 appointments a week. However due to the governments most recent announcement for non essential businesses to close including that of beauty salons of which we consider the same contact time. We will only be available for emergency or memorial appointments at funeral homes, vets etc.

Unfortunately our London studio remains closed. If you require a casting and you can't make it to the Manchester Studio we have a variety of DIY Mould Kits with limited availability to help you capture your special moment which helped so many during Lockdown.

Current Casting Clients:

If you have already booked with us for a casting and the initial casts have been taken we will continue to create your special pieces from our home studio. However there may be delays for delivery due to closure of businesses that supply important materials for us to create our pieces. Whilst we try every effort to stock up prior to these announcements it is not always possible to cover every aspect. Especially where payment plans are concerned. However please know that we will do our utmost to ensure your receive high end quality pieces without too much delay and ensure you still get the best service.

Jewellery Orders:

We are currently well stocked for jewellery orders for Valentines and will not be experiencing too much of a delay to our services. However due to demand on the postal system we will be closing our books earlier especially for overseas clients to avoid any potential dissappointment, please see more about our Valentines Deadlines

Gift Vouchers:

We currently have a new array of digital and physical gift vouchers for our products and services and will honour all vouchers purchased. Even if Covid restrictions cause items to run past the usual 6 month casting expiry or 12 month jewellery. This is a beautiful way to give something special & personal to loved ones when you can't be together. 


If you have any queries or questions relating to your order or potential order you would like to place, we are happy to help in anyway. You can contact us at or phone Ami on 07402882542 

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