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Updated 1st June 2020

In this time of uncertainty we know how difficult it is and how during this time our jewellery may be needed more than ever to keep our loved ones close. We also understand life still goes on and moments can be lost with lockdown, from pregnant bumps, to babies hands and feet or course those especially fleeting moments for passing on.

Which is why we have worked hard to produce a door to door courier service for some very unique & specialist kits with a virtual appointment to help you take the moulds of important moments before they are lost.

We are also reviewing how to open the studio safely when it is safe to do so and putting some plans in place. However due to the physical contact of life casting & the inability to social distance whilst taking a cast we will remain closed to physical casting sessions until further updates are provided. However you can scroll below to view more about our Kits or what the future of the studio may look like.

Life casting DIY Kits:

Our DIY casting kits are no ordinary kits. They are a door to door service providing you high quality materials and expert online video tuition to create the perfect mould which can then be collected from your home by courier and taken back to the studio. We will then be able to craft your keepsake into your chosen design from our incredible range of metal & fibreglass sculptures and post the final piece back to you or make copies for the ones you love. Framed hands or holding hands for the grandparents?  Throughout the process you will be able to email & discuss designs, video chat to view examples & samples and be guided throughout the entire process whilst having fun with your partner, family & loved ones to create something truly meaningful.

Many life casting kits on the market use cheap materials and leave you without full knowledge and left to de-mould with missing fingers, air bubbles, mis-formed shapes & a cheap poor quality plaster cast with no information on how to fix or even seal & protect what you have then made. Which is why our kits are superior, they use expert materials such as skin safe silicones meaning you can send the mould back to us where we can use our 10 years of life casting knowledge to create your perfect keepsake. From Breast casting, torsos, pregnancy bumps & baby castings. Our virtual appointment will mean we can oversee the process, guide you on your areas to cast and see with our professional eyes where areas may need further support to ensure you get the perfect mould.

All our DIY Life Casting Kits are packaged with appropriate PPE from respirator to gloves to ensure no contamination. 

You can view more here about the different casting mould kits


All of our unique jewellery can still be made as normal, our print kits are posted daily with all precautions taken to be packaged with gloves & prepaid postage services minimising risk to us & for you. All of our final jewellery crafted is shipped with Royal Mail Next Day before 1pm delivery for insurance purposes. However the jewellery may arrive after 1pm or the following day from our dispatch due to the unprecedented demand on the postal services. Our lead time is taking an extra 1 - 3 weeks pending on the design chosen due to delays in receiving print kits back by post & slower supplier services. If you need your jewellery by a specific date, do let us know with your order.

Future of Life Casting:

The future of lifecasting and Covid19 is uncertain, however we are carefully preparing what a future with the virus may look like when it comes to our appointments with clients. Below is an idea of what future appointments may hold. We are currently looking to open our Manchester studio in August.

When booking in we will ask you to confirm your health and ability to attend the day before your appointment. We would also ask that no extra family members are present unless absolutely necessary for the casting. We also ask for you to bring your own face mask and we will provide a face shield where appropriate. We will also be wearing a face shield and mask. The studio time will be strictly limited to getting a good casting, comfortably and quickly but minimising time spent in a closed environment. So all designs will need to be confirmed by email, Zoom etc prior with a final sample check at the studio at the time of your appointment so you can see them in real life. 

It is also highly likely that we will be running only 2 - 3 physical appointments a week to be able to appropriately sanitise the studio and there may be a waiting list. We will have 1 - 2 priority appointment available each week for emergency castings.

Until measures are much safer for travelling around the UK, we may be limited to not being able to offer casting services in London, however this is still under review, as our previous popup location is still currently unavailable for us to book.

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