Covid Policy

Keeping you safe

body casting during Covid19 with Angelcasts Manchester life casting for families holding hand castings and baby castings north west

We will be re-opening from the 14th April and currently undergoing a re-fit to add extra ventilation to make the studio Covid safe for clients. We will also be running reduced appointments of 2 a week to ensure the studio can be deep cleaned between client castings. This also allows us to be able to offer any emergency memorial appointments.

At the studio we will ask all clients attending to wear a face mask during their appointment and to minimise bringing extra people unless absolutely necessary for the casting. Sanitiser will be available for all clients to use at the studio, we will not be able to offer teas and coffess like we normally would. But it will still be fun, professional and friendly all the same.

Payment can be made by card reader at the studio or we can provide an invoice for monthly payment breakdowns of a full figure, pending your requirements.

24 hours prior to your appointment we will confirm with you to check you can still attend the studio for your appointment and to confirm that there is no need to isolate or symptoms. We will also confirm from our view and ask for honesty and transparency from all due to our work with vulnerable clients. If you need to reschedule we will do our best to fit you in at a later date.

Our priority as a life casting service is to be able to offer you a quality designed product to last a life time, keep everyone safe and for all involved to have fun and marvel at the beauty that is life casting.

Memorial Casting:

Where ever possible we will try our best to help you preserve your moment before it is too late. However if the passing is Covid related we will be unable to attend to help you preserve your moment. We will be able to supply you with a Fingerprint Kit to arrive Next Day so that the Funeral Directors can take a print for you. This can then be scanned and emailed to us or yourselves for future use. Some funeral parlours have varying policies about what clients can and can't do during the pandemic. So please check with them before getting in touch and we can liaise together to book in a casting for you. We would need permission from yourself to the funeral parlour to be able to attend and act on your behalf to take the casting required.