Privacy Policy

Discretion is our priority

General Privacy:

We will never share any images of your casting appointment or actual casting without your permission. When you arrive at the appointment we will have a privacy policy with the booking form where you can comfortably tick and sign through options you may or may not be comfortable with.

We will ask:

- Are you comfortable to share images of your final casting online for our social media? 

- Is there anything you want blurred or removed? (This can be engravings with children's details, parts of the casting, photos included in frames etc)

- Would you like to be tagged in the post on social media?

- Would you disclose images of your piece not for social media but for our portfolio for clients booking in?

- If you have taken any videos/photos of the session, would you be happy to share & tag us?

We will never share any images of jewellery & castings without your permission. We will never take pictures of the casting process unless asked to by the client using their device, unless they are happy for us to use our lights and Hi Def camera in which we will send all copies to the client and delete from our own unless we are given permission to share.

We regularly work with celebrities, actresses, TV companies & Magazines where discretion is the utmost importance before release of a project or, it may not be released into the public domain and remain a private commission. We remain discreet & professional.

Model Privacy:

If you have entered a model contract, details will be drawn up together between life caster and model to confirm payment & privacy options. We will have two types of options available for those willing to model for sculptural work to enter galleries or be sold at retail. The two types of main options will be as below:

- Paid for the casting session and rights retain to the studio to reproduce in a manner that the model is fully aware of the outcome and run of casts from the piece commissioned.

- Paid a smaller fee for the session and a commission based rate per piece as negotiated at the time of casting for pieces to be entered into galleries or retail as agreed between model and Life caster.

At either point the model will be fully aware of how the piece will be used and can choose how much they wish to share their involvement or remain anonymous and their own financial agreement.

We will only ever cast individuals who are happy and confident with the brief and are fully knowledgeable to the design and requirements of the project in question.


Information at appointments will need to be collected for a variety of reasons as stated below:

- Covid19 Check ins for Track & Trace

- Personal Data such as: address, name, possible ages of children, contact information such as emails, telephone numbers & social media accounts where applicable (to be used for delivery and appropriately preparing for the casting)

- Fingerprint imagery to make the jewellery

All of this will be saved on an encrypted hard drive which no others have access too other than the sole life caster Ami Crabb or locked away paperwork for accounting purposes for HMRC and to store any fingerprint, pet print moulds, handwriting samples etc.

If booking into the studio we will ask you to sign a document confirming your appropriate permissions. If you have ordered online, we will always ask and check with you if you are happy to share.

Mould Storage:

For all jewellery orders we keep our moulds indefinitely or we can return the moulds to you for a small fee. This fee is not a charge for the mould but a charge to post the mould back to your location. We do not post back moulds with jewellery in case the package were to get lost in the post (We haven't had this happen. However we are keen to ensure absolute perfection in our services. As such we charge a reasonable fee depending on the weigh and number of moulds being returned to be placed in seperate packages to your preferred location)

For casting orders, most of our moulds are made as a reproduction purpose and destroyed after. However upon request we can store a mould on your behalf. The only moulds that we currently store regularly are important baby & childrens moulds or memorial moulds which can't be replaced or subsequent copies for families will be made.