Christmas Jewellery Guidelines

Last recommended order dates:

Personalised Jewellery & Non Personalised Jewellery

UK - December 17th

America - December 1st

Europe - December 5th

Handwriting Jewellery

UK - December 14th

America - November 30th

Europe - December 2nd

Did you know we sell gift vouchers & gift confirmation kits. Choose your intended jewellery and your giftee will receive a lovely message and print kit from you and be able to finalise the last details of their jewellery from shape & engraving.

A lovely little stocking filler, design your own combinations today

Print Kit Jewellery (Fingerprints, Handprints, Pet Prints; Nose & Paw)

UK - December 10th

America - November 15th

Europe - November 22nd


Print Kits & Gift Vouchers

UK - December 23rd till 1pm with upgrade of Next Day Special Delivery

America - December 1st

Europe - December 5th

We may be able to do some requests outside of these dates above especially for the UK. However please note that the postal services will be under huge strain and customs for America take much longer even with expedited delivery services. But we will always help where we can, so do get in touch if you really need something.

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