Covid19 has changed how quickly things can be made. There are some items we can make quickly if materials are in stock and turnover in a week. However if we need to order in specific stones, have a fingerprint cast in gold or jewellery that requires hallmarking. This is taking much longer anywhere between 3 - 6 weeks. There are also postal delays between sending print kits back and forth. As such we are ending our deadlines sooner than we normally would. Please see detailed guidelines below for specific jewellery or casting types. However this will be reviewed each month and if demand is as high as it was over lockdown, we will be forced to close our books early.

However if you are unsure or would like to check please do email us at as a lot depends what we can stock.


Print Kit Jewellery (this means any jewellery that requires sending a print kit for fingerprints, pet prints)

UK: 25th November

OVERSEAS: 31st October

Handwriting Jewellery or Print jewellery where we already have the prints on file

UK: 6th December

OVERSEAS: 19th November

Personalised Jewellery or Gemstone Jewellery

UK: 10th December

OVERSEAS:25th November


Extra Small Castings from Kits such as Lips, Nipples, Clitoris

Plaster: 25th November

Cold Cast:1st December

Baby Castings & Kids Hand Castings

Plaster: 1st November

Cold Cast:5th November

Holding Hands Castings

Plaster: 1st November

Cold Cast: 25th Oct

Larger Body Castings

Plaster: 28th Oct

Cold Cast: 30th Sept

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