We can guide you virtually through your DIY Life Casting Mould Kit in the comfort of your own home. You don't have to have a video appointment however it can help as we can remind you of steps & guide you without you having to refer to the instructional guide mid casting hands covered in materials. We can also show you samples & styles so you can see how the light interacts with the colour samples & next to framing options where appropriate.


To get in touch & organise a video appointment with us you can choose two of the following mediums:

Zoom- an online video conferencing tool which is free to download. You can add us my out email or our number at 07402882542. We can chat through the app & schedule a private meeting.

Whatsapp- An encrypted message app available on mobiles. You can add us as a contact by our number 07402882542 & we can chat through the app & schedule a time & day to do a video call.

All video appointments are held by Ami Crabb a female life caster with over 10 years of experience in life casting. For more intimate castings such as pregnancy & body castings we will not expect you to be on camera for the whole casting. We can first video chat where we can demonstrate some of the techniques you will need & answer any questions you have about the materials & informational guide that you might have. You can then either turn us away but keep us online so we can answer any questions & chat as you cast in case you have any urgent questions or unsure. Or you can call us back when you are ready to de-mould & we can guide you again to easy removal of the mould. 

Overall casting is a funny and wonderful experience as you get to make a perfect moment in time to be cherished & we want to help you not miss those special moments.


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Ami Crabb - Female Life Caster for Film, Fashion & TV

I'll be video calling from my Manchester Home Studio ready to guide you to make the perfect mould to return to us.

Manchester Life Casting Studio:

Body Casting Studio Manchester North west life casting by Angelcast - led by female artist Ami Crabb

Pop Up London Studio:

London Life Casting Artist Ami Crabb of Angelcasts creates unique sculptures in Metal, Fibreglas & Bronze
Life casting for film, theatre, TV and Fashion in London & Manchester with Angelcasts

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