From Foundry Bronze, Silver plated & miniature gold foot pendants


With the current outbreak we are providing a fully enhanced & bespoke Life Casting Kit service to ensure you do not miss out on these precious memories. Our life casting kits are created by Ami a female life caster with over 10 years experience casting babies, actors, models & celebrities for film, fashion & bespoke requests. We create beautiful high quality keepsakes in resins, cold cast metals, foundry bronzes & sterling silver. 

Our bespoke baby casting kits enable you to take the moulds you need and ship them back to us with the least amount of risk as possible whilst ensuring successful castings. Our kits include everything you need & we will organise collection of the moulds from you to minimise any risk to you & your family.

We will also be offering an optional video call during the appointment where we can talk you through the process and help you take your castings. We can also show examples and colours and inside the kits is a fully comprehensive picture guide. Our baby casting kit can be ordered separately and the cost of the kit can be removed from any of the total price guides below. Our kits are shipped every 1 - 4 days.

Once we receive your moulds from the kit we can work with you to produce your designed framed keepsake, choose your frame style, colour, material or freestanding metal castings. All our castings can be posted back to you & securely screwed into any frame or base if chosen.

Free standing Baby Castings:
1 Hand or Foot: 
Cold Cast Metal £250     
Foundry Bronze £650       
Sterling Silver Plated £950
2 Hands or Feet: (You can mix and match)
Cold cast metal £400    
Foundry Bronze £990      
Sterling Silver Plated £1300
Framed Pair
Resin £390 / Heart Mount £400
Cold Cast £480
Pair with Photo
Resin £395
Cold cast £485

Baby Casting Kit 0-1 Year

Full Set with Photo
Resin £540
Cold cast £690
Full Set
Resin £530
Cold Cast £680

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