From Foundry Bronze, Silver plated & miniature gold foot pendants


You can design every detail from the front mount colour, back mount colour, add a flash of colour with a triple mount. You can also design the typeface & colour of your engraving, frame moulding & your final cast colour from a huge variety of shades to provide you with a completely unique casting. We also provide a unique range of metal cold castings which include real metal powders in the mix for a truly magnificent finish. 

Our castings come with a lifetime guarantee as we ensure all of our castings are thoroughly dried, professionally coloured and sealed which means years down the line you will not loose that moment in time. Castings that are dried incorrectly will slowly rot from the inside out as moisture is trapped but unfortunately this doesn't start to show until it's too late to save the casting. Which is why our delivery time is between 5 - 6 weeks for plaster castings. Cold cast metal castings can be delivered sooner upon request or our standard time is 8 - 9 weeks. We will deliver all baby castings free around Manchester and close to our London address. If you are coming outside of the two cities there may be a small fee. We also offer home visits on request from £30.


Our metal cold casting colours are: Copper, brass, bronze, golden bronze, Iron & Silver. Foundry Bronze prices available upon request for ages over 1 years old.

We also offer payment plans to help you stagger the cost of your commission with no extra charges and flexible payment dates.

Free standing Baby Castings:
1 Hand or Foot: 
Cold Cast Metal £185     
Foundry Bronze £575       
Sterling Silver Plated £760
2 Hands or Feet: (You can mix and match)
Cold cast metal £350     
Foundry Bronze £795       
Sterling Silver Plated £1100
Framed Pair
Plaster £150 / Heart Mount £170
Cold Cast £400
Pair with Photo
Plaster £170
Cold cast £410
Full Set with Photo
Plaster £200
Cold cast £575
Sibling Pair
0 - 3 £160 / 4 - 8 £190 / 9+ £220
Cold Cast
0 - 3 £420 / 4 - 8 £475/ 9+ £550
Full Set
Plaster £185
Cold Cast £550

All of our materials are completely skin safe and non-allergenic & we also have lovely little goodie bags for children over 1 years with a little toy & either sweets or fun fruit snack at the parents discression.


Our baby casting appointments last 20 - 45 minutes depending on the type of baby casting booked and there are plenty of toys for siblings or entertainment whilst browsing our examples.

Sibling Pair with Photo
0 - 3 £175 / 4 - 8 £190 / 9+ £225
Cold Cast
0 - 3 £420 / 4 - 8 £475 / 9+ £550
The Process:

We will carefully take a 3D cast which most newborns sleep through. You can then choose your frame, mount, engraving & colour options.

We will then professionally craft your beautiful keepsake & we will personally  deliver it back to you within 4 - 6 weeks.

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