Baby Casting

Always remember those little toes

We offer an exceptional array of bespoke colours for all of our cold cast metal and foundry bronze castings. From any age whether its that newborn fist to those sticky preschool fingers to the one learning to write. We can cast from any age and work with you to design the perfect keepsake in a variety of materials.

Because all of our colours are made in house, it means we can tweak colours and designs to suit your style and interior. We have a huge collection of frames to choose from ranging from contemporary classics, shabby chic, to modern metal, ornate Victorian to sleek and discreet. You can also customise every detail from the front and back mount colours to the style and typography on your engraving plaque.

You can view some of our colour samples in each product page for the castings available and more can be seen at the studio.

All of our appointments are fun, friendly and you don't need to worry about how long your little one can stay still, our expert materials and skill will get a perfect cast in just a minute.

Due to the pandemic however we are asking for clients to come only with those that need to be cast and where possible to avoid bringing extra siblings or partners unless they are to be cast. Each cast only takes 30 seconds - 1 minute to take and can be relatively contact free. All clients in the studio are required to wear a face mask and we can supply masks for £2 if you forget yours. We don't expect children to wear a mask, however if they are older, we would appreciate it.

We will have limited appointments available each week and the studio will be deep cleaned prior to your booking and after. We would also advise you to bring any snacks or a favourite toy for your child as a distraction. Especially for ages 6 months - 2 years.

Time and Delivery:

Cold Cast Metal Castings take 7 - 9 weeks.

Foundry Bronze Castings take 12 - 16 weeks

Delivery is free within Manchester & Greater Manchester areas. Otherwise a small fee may apply to cover the cost of transport to your postcode.

We also offer payment plans with flexible payments and no extra charges. Casts are delivered once the final payment has been made.

Browse our product galleries below for detailed pricing and options